Volker Pook

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The family name Pook is written in Japanese in a katakana phonetic translation using the characters “pu” and “ku”. Katakana (Jap. 片仮名 or カタカナ) is a syllabary, a set of symbols that represent syllables. Besides hiragana, it is the second Japanese syllabary. Each katakana symbol stands as a syllabogram either for a vowel or a consonant with the following vowel. Since my wife is Japanese and my children are half Japanese I am trying to learn this language.


arte Magazin

Special issue to mark the opening of the Elbphilharmonie
ARTE in cooperation with Axel Springer Verlag

For a special issue of arte Magazin, a cover should be designed to mark the opening of the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg. The BTK locations Berlin and Hamburg participated jointly on the project. Since the editorial office was very pleased with the results of this course, all the contributions were printed on a page of the special issue. What more can a student expect from a course?