Volker Pook

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The family name Pook is written in Japanese in a katakana phonetic translation using the characters “pu” and “ku”. Katakana (Jap. 片仮名 or カタカナ) is a syllabary, a set of symbols that represent syllables. Besides hiragana, it is the second Japanese syllabary. Each katakana symbol stands as a syllabogram either for a vowel or a consonant with the following vowel. Since my wife is Japanese and my children are half Japanese I am trying to learn this language.


ADAC Reisemagazin

Design and revision of ADAC Reisemagazin.

At the beginning of each edition of the travel magazine ADAC Reisemagazin are approx. 6000 photos, exclusively submitted by the photographers. To be able to make a small selection from this quantity of images that echoes the stories and feelings in the texts as accurately as possible is a new challenge each time.