Volker Pook

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The family name Pook is written in Japanese in a katakana phonetic translation using the characters “pu” and “ku”. Katakana (Jap. 片仮名 or カタカナ) is a syllabary, a set of symbols that represent syllables. Besides hiragana, it is the second Japanese syllabary. Each katakana symbol stands as a syllabogram either for a vowel or a consonant with the following vowel. Since my wife is Japanese and my children are half Japanese I am trying to learn this language.

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Branding for the sustainable fashion label Daniel Kroh

KROH logo animation

For the tailor Daniel Kroh, who works exclusively with sustainable materials, a relaunch of the design was implemented. Initially the project focused on consolidation and the concentration of values, which should then provide a basis for all subsequent branding decisions. Just as the garments are assembled from various recycled materials, the new crow is composed of seven separate elements. Daniel describes the process of cutting out suitable pieces for his garments as filleting. The idea of using forms that resemble sewing patterns acts as a reference to bespoke tailoring. The typography of the wordmark was designed expressly for the label and complements the aesthetic of the figurative mark.

Animation: Oleg Klassen