Volker Pook


Corporate identity, including naming, tagline and signage system for a medical practice.

The idea for the logo relates to the people who visit the practice.

Each illness is individual, and so too are the individual letters of the logo made up of several typefaces. Here the patient comes first, and the practice, as basis and subheading, is the place of treatment and help. An interdisciplinary group of consultants treats its patients from head to toe. Thus the tagline “Treatment from head to toe” reflects both the core competency and distinguishing feature. This aspect becomes part of the corporate design in the signage system, which visually designates the functions of the different rooms. The impression on entering the practice is one of openness and modernity. Hence, the signage in the various parts of the practice is wall design and orientation system in one.

Designed at Playframe as creative director.

Awards Patientenpraxis