Volker Pook


Is your brand part of your loved ones?

Volker Pook looking at a poster with stripes

The work is simple when a brand, a product or a service is well positioned and clearly defined in its aims. However, in order to guarantee an efficient collaboration, as a rule there is always a need to further specify the task as well as the scope of the project.

In a competitive environment in which products and services are becoming increasingly alike, it is essential for survival to be able to distinguish oneself from one’s competition and to embody a unique identity. This identity should provide orientation both inwardly and outwardly, be authentic and build on an established strategy. The opinions or images that a company triggers in the heads of consumers influence the consumers’ purchasing behaviour and loyalty in relation to the company’s whole product range. To put people into contact with brands and to create brand loyalty is the aim of a strategic branding. The communicative task of the decision maker and the designer is to repeatedly re-establish and never to disappoint the customer’s trust in the brand. Processes, disciplines and methods such as design thinking, service design, customer journey and lifecycle maps as well as a business model canvas are all part of a strategic management for which I offer workshops in scalable sizes.