Volker Pook

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The family name Pook is written in Japanese in a katakana phonetic translation using the characters “pu” and “ku”. Katakana (Jap. 片仮名 or カタカナ) is a syllabary, a set of symbols that represent syllables. Besides hiragana, it is the second Japanese syllabary. Each katakana symbol stands as a syllabogram either for a vowel or a consonant with the following vowel. Since my wife is Japanese and my children are half Japanese I am trying to learn this language.


Lehre als Abenteuer

Conception and design of a publication on improvements in higher education for Campus Verlag.

Lehre als Abenteuer

In the book “Lehre als Abenteuer” (“Teaching as Adventure”) the alphabetic system is used as the basic design concept and central idea, thus creating a reference book with high user value. Stacks of typographic characters in different sizes serve as an incentive to leaf through and organise the book through the visual impact of characters. The zoom factor determines the tasks, as well as the distance or closeness to the book. Thus the dividing pages with their large letters/stacks can be understood like the alphabet markers in a dictionary. The flaps also serve as an alphabetic register for keywords and authors, and can quickly be put to use while reading. Generally, with a book the tension lies in the difference between the effect at a distance in the peripheries of vision and the close-up view at reading distance. When the tension and expectations can be fulfilled, then design is successful.