Volker Pook


Cross-media development of corporate identity with campaign for the launch of the trade collection Zoom.

Zoom Pin

Project requirements

The visual, haptic and auditory development of the Zoom collection, with which the wood-based products manufacturer Egger created for the first time an internationally unified trade collection, was inspired by the principle of putting things in focus. The tagline for this is “FOCUS · SEE · FEEL”. Precise vision, as symbolised by the iris, technical competence, as well as the origin of the products, represented by the cross-section of a tree trunk, are reflected in the abstract logo which is used in all communication channels in a way suited to each media.

Definition and staging of the brand touch points

Besides collection folders, decor book, icon system, advertisements and the ZOOM website, b2b events with innovative installations were deployed.

Visitors to the events having removed their shoes could walk through a light and sound corridor in a converted container in which structural reproductions of the various Zoom decors magnified 500-fold and set into the floor could be experienced in a haptic way.

As staging with 16 giant sails the event participants were grouped in circular segments like the iris of an imaginary eye. Each sail was stretched over an information stand, which offered further information.

The cross-platform photo, video and film content was used cost-effectively for events as well as Internet, training media, showrooms and trade fairs. For the digital media interactive online tools were developed such as the Zoom “Scenio” simulating the change of decor in individual room situations.

Geleitet als Creative Director bei Playframe.

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